DCC Dirtbike Custom Collabo

Why a design by Dirtbike Custom Collabo ?

Wir machen Euer Bike zu einem Unikat, setzen die Idee um welche Euch Nachts nicht schlafen lässt. DCC bringt das klare Statement aufs Bike das jeden Style so einzigartig macht wie seinen Fahrer. Aufwendige Designs & Full Custom sind unsere Welt, High End der Anspruch an unsere Arbeit.


Now it's time to be #straightouttadcc


High quality professional material
Tested under toughest conditions
Guaranteed optimal fit for your bike
Warranty on durability and adhesive power
All design parts can be ordered separately
Featured products

X-Grip SuperENDURO R 140/80-18

The rear tyre SuperENDURO R 140/80-18 already conquered the Erzberg in 2017. With its wide contact surface it builds up extreme grip and with the three different hardness/rubber compounds HARD, MEDIUM and SOFT there is something for all conditions. Its profile is similar to a screw thread that clings to the ground and pushes you forward. The SuperEnduro complies with the F.I.M. regulations.

DCC Factory 2018 - Beta Semi Custom Design

The semi custom Beta factory design by DCC. The DCC Factory 2018 graphic kit.

White Ninja - Suzuki Semi Custom Design

Fight your way, with this Suzuki semi custom design. The White Ninja graphic kit.

David Bost - Neon Sticker

The official David Bost neon sticker. Available in black or yellow. Size: 7.0cm x 7.6cm. Our special offer: Buy 4 pay 3.

Anica Logo - Holo Sticker

The official Anica Logo Holo Sticker. Finished with our special holo coloring effect. Manufactured with our special MX-Foil and therefor durable and scratch resistant! Size 6cm.

The Goldfinger - KTM Semi Custom Design

Hit the track Bond like with this KTM semi custom design. The Goldfinger graphic kit.

Psychodelic - KTM Semi Custom Design

The psycho among the designs especially for KTM. The Psychodelic graphic kit.

Digital Soldier - Husqvarna Semi Custom Design

Be ready for any battle with this semi custom design for your Husqvarna. The Digital Soldier graphic kit.

X-Grip RABACONDA tire mounting stand

The X-Grip RABACONDA mounting stand is the best tire fitting tool currently on the market. Many professionals trust in it. Disassembled in a minute, you can take it to any location at any time.

X-Grip HULKYBOY 90/100-21

The front tyre HULKYBOY 90/100-21 is available in a universal hardness/rubber compound and is specially designed for Hard-Enduro. The name HULKYBOY stands for itself, as its incredibly wide running surface offers massive grip, especially on downhill runs.The tread is designed to clean itself even at low speeds, but the knobs are not too far apart to provide the grip of a trial tyre. The tyre plays by the F.I.M. rules. And it is suitable for almost any terrain.

X-Grip Radiator guard set

The X-GRIP radiator guard is like a bulletproof vest for the radiator. It is milled from a piece of T6-6061 aluminum. Thus, there is no breaking of welds or glands. By using quality materials, the weight remains as low as possible. Ideal for the use in rough terrain.

X-Grip Exhaust pipe

The Replica X-Grip exhaust pipe for 2-stroke engines offers the same performance curve with the same horsepower as the original, at a lower price. Because of the 1.2 mm thick nickel-plated and stainless steel, it is much more stable.

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