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Full Custom

We are dedicated to customizing motorbike design kits. The most extravagant but also the hottest way to style a bike is to develop your own design that reflects the rider and his way of driving. People who ride motorcycles are individualists, and that is exactly how their bikes should look like. Our factory offers more design upgrades than anyone else on the market. Slides in neon, flip flop, self glowing, holo just to name a few are available and we are constantly working on new options. You want a design according to customer requirements ? Then come to the factory that has CUSTOM written on it's flag !

"You ask for it, we do it!"

And this is how it works:

Full Custom Process

Full custom design? What is the process and what options do you have!

Don't worry, all customers will be contacted by mail after the order in order to discuss all details. Everything can be adjusted and changed at any time.

Step one:
Choose brand, type & year of your bike. We manufacture the design exclusively for you & suitable for your vehicle. Perfect fit is guarranted by DCC!

Step two:
You will receive a full kit from us that includes design parts for all parts of your bike. Optionally, we also offer upgrades for extra surfaces. Choose your upgrade stickers and a professional sticker kit if you want to be perfectly equipped.

Step three:
Now please upload 1 to 3 sample pictures to get a clue how your new design should look like and to visually show us in which direction your new look is going. The pictures and your description in the text box ADDITIONAL INFO are the base for our designer.

Step four:
Please upload 1 picture of your bike. We want to guarantee a perfect fit and we will also exchange separate parts of the design for free if anything does not fit correctly. Again, you have full support from our side. In case we need more pictures of side, front or other views we will contact you during the design process.

Step five:
Order the design and let's get started. If something is missing with your on-line order we can discuss, supplement or change everything at any time via mail. Designs are sent digitally to you before production, discussed & adapted until you are satisfied.

High Five for your new custom design, click the order button & get customized!