Graphics & Bike Finisher

Our Graphics & Bike Finisher is the ideal product for maintaining your design. It reliably removes all types of dirt, cleans the surface and seals at the same time. For the cleaning of our graphics & special foils we recommend this finisher, which is specially matched to our decors and the materials used. Our finisher is the perfect care for your bike. Simply spray on and wipe with the microfiber cloth - DONE. Recommended for your graphics, plastic, paint and all parts such as frames, swingarms and engine parts. The bike finisher can also be sprayed onto the damp microfiber cloth after washing and ensures a perfect result. Clean your rims with the DCC finisher, remove old chain grease from your swingarm and make your entire bike shine again. A premium product for all surfaces, whether dry or wet it will be first class.
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Geisteskrank Signature - Holo Sticker

The official and limited Geisteskrank Signature Holo Sticker. Finished with our special holo coloring effect. Manufactured with our special MX-Foil and therefor durable and scratch resistant!