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X-Grip Linkage guard

The X-Grip linkage guard is milled from T6-6061 aluminum and replaces the original linkage bone, thus it's optimally protecting the sensitive and expensive spring fork.

X-Grip Mousse Gel

It is very important to lubricate the tire with the right GEL. Too little mousse-GEL or even the wrong Mousse-GEL increases the friction between the tire and mousse and leads to increased heat development which shortens the lifespan of your mousse drastically. Always use enough X-GRIP Mousse-GEL to avoid this problem.

X-Grip Radiator guard set

The X-GRIP radiator guard is like a bulletproof vest for the radiator. It is milled from a piece of T6-6061 aluminum. Thus, there is no breaking of welds or glands. By using quality materials, the weight remains as low as possible. Ideal for the use in rough terrain.