Stone Hit Protection Film - 9 Pieces 3.0

Our stone protection film from motorsport for you! Some parts of motor vehicles are subject to particularly high mechanical loads, for example from dirt or stone chips being thrown up. These parts can be optimally and sustainably protected with the help of our specially produced stone chip protection film, without affecting the appearance of the vehicle. In addition, our protective film also offers very good protection against UV radiation and thus prevents the paint from fading. Our film is used in off-road vehicles and in motorsport, so it is particularly durable and offers you the perfect protection for your vehicle. Of course, our material is pressure washer resistant, tested by professionals on race tracks and found to be first class. Trust in our quality and experience. This set includes parts for the front fender, the fork protector and the fork tubes as well as suitable protective films for the tank spoiler and the side wings made of transparent material, made to fit the Super Duke 3.0.This version offers almost 100% protection for your vehicle and covers all exposed parts.