Terms and Conditions

Validity of our terms and conditions
Nikolas Tröstel, Ida Krottendorfgasse 1/4, 2042 Guntersdorf, Austria (hereafter referred to as DCC) and the customer are exclusively subject to the terms and conditions valid at the time of ordering for the business relationship between the company DCC dirtbike custom collabo. End consumers who conclude a legal transaction with DCC, without their commercial, nor their independent professional activity can be attributed, apply in the sense of these terms and conditions as a customer. By placing an order, the customer agrees to our terms and conditions.

Offer, order, conclusion of contract, transfer of risk
Our offers are not binding. By clicking on the "Order Paid" button, you place a binding order for the goods in the digital shopping cart. When the order has reached us, the customer will automatically be notified of the order by the given email address from the receipt of his order. In the event of writing or printing errors on the website, DCC is entitled to correct or withdraw the contract.

The sales contract is stored by us and can be called up under specification of the order number in the user account of the customer under the point "my orders". When shipping the goods, the risk of loss or damage to the goods only passes to the consumer as soon as the goods are delivered to the consumer or to a third party specified by the carrier and not owned by the carrier. However, if the consumer himself has concluded the contract of carriage without using any option proposed by us, the risk shall pass to the carrier upon delivery of the goods. Unless otherwise stated in writing, we are bound to our offer for 7 days from the date of issue. The customer is bound to his order 2 days from receipt of this order. The legal right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal) remains unaffected. Our offer is aimed exclusively at customers of the European Union.

Prices (purchase price)
All prices quoted or agreed by us are, unless otherwise stated, in Euro (EUR), including the legally applicable value added tax and transport costs. All prices quoted or agreed by us correspond to the current calculation situation at the time of conclusion of the contract.

Terms of payment
The buyer agrees to the full payment when ordering or later than 20 days afterwards. For this, the customer has the payment via prepayment, PayPal, instant transfer available. In the absence of written agreements to the contrary, our claims shall be paid step by step upon delivery of the goods / provision of the service. Payments by the customer shall only be deemed to have been made on receipt of our business account. For orders of designs that are configured according to customer requirements, the total amount must be transferred before the order is placed in our production. Charges incurred for the respective method of payment, as well as fees for chargebacks, shall be borne by the customer. DCC reserves the right to remind the customer 30 days after order without payment and to cancel the order after deduction of all incurred costs.

Late payment interest
Even if the buyer is in default of payment, we are entitled to design an article starting from the 30th day after dispatch of the goods or the order and to charge default interest of 8.5% per year according to the customer's request; This does not affect claims for proven higher interest rates. DCC is entitled to assert a demonstrably higher damage caused by delay. We are not obliged to send a reminder in advance.

Dunning and collection charges
The customer undertakes in the event of default to replace the dunning and collection charges incurred. If we operate the dunning system ourselves, the debtor undertakes to pay an amount of 15 euros per reminder. In addition, any further damage, in particular also the damage resulting from the fact that as a result of non-payments correspondingly higher interest on any credit accounts on our part accrue, irrespective of the fault on the late payment to replace. All expenses arising from administrative activities concerning the communication and processing of the customer will also be invoiced.

Delivery and transport costs
Our indicated delivery times are not binding. For non-stocked products, delivery will take place within the statutory delivery period of 30 days from the date of order. In the case of goods produced and produced according to customer requirements, a delivery in the period of 4-10 weeks is to be regarded as standard. This delivery period is also non-binding since, especially for designs according to customer requirements, long production processes in design and production can arise through changes and adjustments. A binding delivery time for products that are created and produced according to customer requirements is not provided, this circumstance is disregarded by the customer when ordering. The customer will be contacted by us in any case. If an ordered product is no longer available without own fault, then both the customer and DCC are entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract. Already provided services will be refunded.
We refer to any deviating delivery times on the respective product page.
Our prices are total prices. They include all taxes including VAT and duties including shipping costs. They also do not include the cost of installation or installation.
In the case of delivery to a non-EEA country, the consumer must bear all import and export charges, including any duties, fees and charges.

If ordered goods can not be delivered due to a faulty specification of the customer in his master data or by his non-presence at the selected delivery address, the costs for the repeated shipping and a handling fee of 12 € will be charged gross. After the second unsuccessful delivery attempt, the costs for Shipment & Handling will be invoiced and deducted from the purchase price of the goods. In this case, the order will automatically be canceled and the balance, less all costs and handling fees, will be returned to the customer.

Ordered goods shall be deemed delivered upon delivery to the parcel service, the customer shall be responsible for verifying the whereabouts of his goods using the tracking number which we provide and deposit in the webshop for each order. Questions about the whereabouts of goods or clarification regarding delivery must be made by the customer himself to the responsible parcel service GLS.

Retention of title
All goods are delivered under retention of title and remain our property until full payment. The assertion of the retention of title is only a withdrawal from the contract, if it is expressly declared. In case of return of goods, we are entitled to charge incurred transport and handling charges. In the case of access by third parties to the reserved goods - in particular through seizures - the customer undertakes to point out our ownership and to inform us immediately. If the customer is a consumer or not an entrepreneur, to whose proper business the trade with the goods acquired by us belongs, he may not dispose of the reserved goods against the complete settlement of the open purchase price claim, especially not sell, pledge, give or lend. The customer bears the full risk for the reserved goods, in particular for the risk of loss, loss or deterioration.

General right of withdrawal
There is a general 14-day right of withdrawal after receipt of the goods.

Place of fulfillment
The place of performance for purchase agreements, which do not fall into the distance selling law, is DCC - dirtbike custom collabo, Ida Krottendorfgasse 1/4, 2042 Guntersdorf.

Default of acceptance
If the customer is in default of acceptance, we are entitled to store the goods with us, for which we charge a storage fee of 1% for each started calendar day of the gross invoice amount and at the same time to fulfill the contract. Any costs incurred for delivery by the parcel service etc are borne by the customer.

Warranty and guarantee
The warranty is subject to the statutory provisions.
The warranty period for new, movable goods is 24 months from delivery (acceptance). For second-hand goods, the warranty obligation is reduced to 12 months. In case of occurring defects, after the customer's choice, supplementary performance or removal of defects (replacement) will be provided. Further claims for reduction, cancellation or compensation can only be made after presentation of the legal provisions.
Complaints based on statutory warranty claims or other complaints can be made under the contact details stated in the imprint.
In addition to the statutory warranty, we do not provide our own guarantees. The closer conditions of any manufacturer's warranties may be found in the respective goods. Products designed or used for motorsport are generally excluded from any warranty or guarantee due to special use.

Exchange & return
In general, for merchandise, clothing and other items of our social media partners to buy in our webshop is no free exchange possible or intended. If an exchange is necessary this will be charged for a handling fee of 12 € gross plus the necessary additional shipping which varies by country and is calculated according to the current GLS shipping zones. Exchange or return of the goods only takes place if the goods are undamaged and including the original packaging material. If the product does not meet this requirement and is damaged or returned without the original packaging, it will be deemed sold and we will not be refunded or exchanged. A return to the customer will be made in this case and the refund of the handling fee and shipping costs will be charged.

The same provisions apply to the return of the goods, only goods without damaged or missing Packing material will be refunded.

Should the goods or the packaging of the goods be damaged in the event of a return, we will also return them to the customer against invoiced Handling & Shipping Fee.
Vouchers/Gift cards
Vouchers or Gift Cards can not be redeemed for cash or bank transfer of any kind. These are only useable with an order via the webshop.

Claims for damages in cases of slight negligence are excluded. This does not apply to personal injury or damage to property accepted for processing, unless the latter has been negotiated in detail.

On Bill
The customer is only entitled to offset if his counterclaims are undisputed by DCC or have been legally established. The exercise of the right of retention is only allowed to the customer insofar as his counterclaim is based on the same contractual relationship.

Prohibition of assignment
Claims against us may not be assigned in the absence of express written consent.

Formal requirements
Declarations, advertisements etc., which are directed to us, must be in writing in order to be valid, and thus also the original signature or the secure signature.

Choice of law
Austrian substantive law applies. The applicability of the UN Sales Convention is excluded. The contract language is German.

Jurisdiction agreement
The contracting parties agree to the application of Austrian law. If the consumer is domiciled or habitually resident or domesticated, an action against him may be motivated only by the jurisdiction of the court in whose district the domicile, habitual residence or place of employment is situated; this does not apply to legal disputes that have already arisen. The place of jurisdiction is Hollabrunn / Lower Austria.

All information we collect is collected only in accordance with applicable data protection laws in accordance with our privacy policy.

Plans, sketches, technical documentation, samples, catalogs, brochures, illustrations and the like always remain our intellectual property; the customer does not receive any kind of use or exploitation rights. Custom designs are owned by DCC and are provided to the customer for use. Further sale and or use is subject to DCC. Reproduction or copy of drafts / designs created by DCC is considered a copyright infringement and may be displayed as such. All costs incurred by the causer.

All content published by us (images, texts, videos, documents, information, etc.) is the copyright of the respective author, owner or trademark owner. Reproduction or use of any content in other electronic or printed publications without the express permission of the author is not permitted.

Individually designed goods (decors)
You provide us with the information, texts or files required for the individual design of the goods via the online ordering system or at the latest immediately after conclusion of the contract by e-mail. Our possible specifications for file formats must be observed.

You agree not to provide any data whose content violates the rights of third parties (in particular copyrights, naming rights, trademark rights) or violates existing laws. You expressly indemnify us against all third-party claims asserted in this context. This also concerns the costs of the legal representation required in this context.

We do not check the transmitted data for correctness of the content and do not accept liability for errors.

Insofar as we create texts, pictures, graphics and designs for you in the context of individual design, they are subject to copyright. The customer as client assures that he is entitled to use the logos and sponsors used in his design and is also responsible and liable.

Without our express consent, the use, reproduction or modification of individual parts or complete contents is not permitted.
Unless otherwise agreed, we transfer to you an unlimited right to use the copyrighted works created for you. You are expressly prohibited from making the protected works or parts of them in any way private or commercially available to third parties.
The transfer of the right of use is subject to the condition precedent of the full payment of the agreed purchase price.

The base price of the item Full Custom and Semi Custom Design includes 3 designs for the theme specified in the order.

In the event of a change in the specification during or after consumption of the 3 designs, a lump sum of 60 euros will be charged for each additional graphic hour, which corresponds to a further draft. If an order is canceled, all work already performed will be invoiced, which includes the recording of the order, administrative activities as well as the preparation of drafts. A flat rate of 60 euros per hour is given as the basis for calculation and charged individually according to expenditure.

Designs for Full Custom Designs or Custom Semi Custom Designs are submitted in 2D form to the customer for viewing. A presentation on vehicles is expressly not offered and is not included in the products.
Addition to graphic designs
It should be borne in mind that graphic designs of any kind may differ slightly in their coloring from the actual final print. Due to different screen and graphic card settings, this cannot be avoided.
If a certain definite shade is expressly desired, this must be specified in the CMYK format. The same applies here, in the case of color selection on the computer, the difference due to screen brightness, contrast settings or other graphic settings must be taken into account.
We reserve the right to make the production & color selection according to our own parameters that are most useful for the production. It follows that after confirmation of the design and approval or commissioning of the print this fact was accepted by the customer and therefore no claims can arise from it.
"I assure that I have the right to freely dispose of the materials, designs, patterns, brands, marks, marks, graphics and others that I have provided to DCC - Dirtbike Custom Collabo, owner Nikolas Tröstl, and that they represent my unlimited property and the company DCC - Dirtbike Custom Collabo, owner Nikolas Tröstl, does not interfere with the rights of third parties by creating the work I have commissioned.

Should the company DCC - Dirtbike Custom Collabo, owner Nikolas Tröstl, be used or sewed by third parties for whatever legal reason, due to the fact that I have provided materials, designs, patterns, brands, labels, graphics and others, I fully undertake to hold the company DCC - Dirtbike Custom Collabo, owner Nikolas Tröstl, completely harmless and without complaint. "

Graphics, product photos and article descriptions
Our product photos and article descriptions are protected by copyright. Any further use without our consent constitutes a copyright infringement according to §86 UrhG. represents.

The contents of our website (http://www.dcc.bike) were created with the greatest possible care. However, DCC assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the content provided. The use of the contents of the website is at the user's own risk. Contributions marked by name reflect the opinion of the respective author and not necessarily the opinion of DCC.

DCC assumes no liability for content on linked websites. At the time of linking, the contents of the linked websites were checked for their integrity. Since the contents of linked pages escape our influence and we have no influence on the future design of them, we dissociate ourselves from all contents of all linked websites. Should a linked website contain illegal content, we ask for immediate notification, so that we can remove this link immediately.

Arbitration Board
We undertake to participate in disputes in the mediation process of the Internet Ombudsman:

Information at:
Internet Ombudsman
Margaretenstr. 70/2/10, 1050 Vienna
Tel: +43 1 5952112-95
email: advice@ombudsmann.at
web: http://www.ombudsmann.at/

Further information on the types of proceedings at www.ombudsmann.at or in the respective procedural guidelines:

Procedural guidelines of the Internet Ombudsman for alternative dispute resolution under the AStG (AStG arbitration procedure)

Guidelines for the Mediation Process of the Internet Ombudsman outside the scope of the AStG (standard procedure)

The OS platform can also be used to resolve disputes with our company: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr

Our e-mail address: office@www.dcc.bike

Contact details
DCC Inh. Nikolas Tröstel
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Ida Krottendorfgasse 1/4
2042 Guntersdorf

Nikolas Tröstel

email: office@dcc-designs.com
Office: +432951 21083
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