X-Grip works includes tools,parts and protection of the best quality, race and mechanics proven, made for best performance and long life.

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X-Grip XTREME tyre lever

The X-Grip XTREME tyre lever. The right fitting irons ease your fitting enormously because of their bent form and size. You get 5 pieces in one set.

X-Grip RABACONDA tire mounting stand

The X-Grip RABACONDA mounting stand is the best tire fitting tool currently on the market. Many professionals trust in it. Disassembled in a minute, you can take it to any location at any time.

X-Grip Radiator guard set

The X-GRIP radiator guard is like a bulletproof vest for the radiator. It is milled from a piece of T6-6061 aluminum. Thus, there is no breaking of welds or glands. By using quality materials, the weight remains as low as possible. Ideal for the use in rough terrain.

X-Grip Brake disc guard

The X-Grip brake disc guard is the bodyguard for the rear brake disc. Milled in one piece from aluminum, it replaces the brake caliper bracket, providing maximum protection that is indispensable in extreme terrain.

X-Grip Linkage guard

The X-Grip linkage guard is milled from T6-6061 aluminum and replaces the original linkage bone, thus it's optimally protecting the sensitive and expensive spring fork.

X-Grip Mousse Gel

It is very important to lubricate the tire with the right GEL. Too little mousse-GEL or even the wrong Mousse-GEL increases the friction between the tire and mousse and leads to increased heat development which shortens the lifespan of your mousse drastically. Always use enough X-GRIP Mousse-GEL to avoid this problem.